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Branch out.
And while at it…
Branch in.

February 2 2012

Rule number TWO. Start with a punchline, build a meaning to it, and end by quoting an authority.

Marketing is monosodium glutamate.

It is our job to absorb a message — however mundane, meaningful or meaningless, or even makeshift, it may be— and make it matter more. It might ting a little on the tongue, but as a result, you can’t help but to order a little more.

During the coming weekend, TWO is all about engaging. We will first spread out all over Helsinki, and then invite you in our office.

First up, Friday February 3rd sees the launch of Disco Dislocated, a TWO-designed club concept we have been working on for the past months. The launch will take place in a Helsinki City Transport tram, which we convert into a club from 21 to 01, as part of the Design Capital Weekend. It’s all pretty hush hush, but we have a Tumblr for it:

Then, on Saturday February 4th, as part of the Helsinki Restaurant Day, our office transforms into a Japanese restaurant. We serve straightforward J-dishes with the aid of the kind hands of Valo Lankinen.

We believe in the power of authentic experiences, in marketing that offers substance to its core audience and greets it palms out, honest, forthright. We believe that if you shake the word enable, it will spell out future. The world is filled with perfect, authentic, people-derived concepts, like the Helsinki Restaurant Day, waiting to be aided the extra mile. The world needs kind hands. Don’t think like your posse thinks, think positive.

So, here we go: the punchline, the buildup, the meaning. I’ll finish off with a quote from the ultimate authority, my mom: “You guys sure run a full-service design agency.”

Thanks mom, we try.

OUTRO: Simple is as simple does, a TWO x Valo lunch: Udon noodles, kombutsuyu, dried funnel chantarelles topped with boiling water, wakami stripes, a mixture of white & black sesame seeds, and fresh-grated organic ginger. Until Saturday.